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Hazel jones naked pics

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They will literally ask you anything, but you don't have to answer everything.

Lets hope i am blessed like you, would be lovely if i could contact you guys outside of Reddit too. Are not you a robot?: When i do have a period I have to figure which half of my womb is ovulating if a want to use tampons. Big young tits porn. We asked this question of our specialist and he said don't worry about it, it's extremely rare and should never happen.

Say you find out that you are pregnant, but your actually pregnant in both wombs. I am Hazel Jones, the Lady with 2 Vaginas. Hazel jones naked pics. No I really am not at all, I lied to you and I'm sorry, I look completely retarded in almost every picture I have seen myself in I don't really have a preference any more. If both are fully functional, can you have two babies at once? Literally, the country code is "1". Im so sorry if this is a dissapointment to a lot of you. I was trying to figure out why you Lindsey is cute to me.

Best of luck, and well done for being brave enough to do all this publicly. Young big tits and ass. In addition to what CandyBland said, it's helpful to us if you answer each question individually, instead of clustering them into one post, if you do, then could you separate your replies into paragraphs or with bullets? I think the only thing that is upsetting the neckbeards is that they find one vagina intimating. Just as kind of an aside though, your last little caveat, if you will is sort of odd.

Like most articles it sounds more crazy when you come out with a bold statement that catches peoples eye. Whether you intend to or not is of course private, I am only asking regarding the biology. This i know will upset a lot of people but i have no opinion on the matter.

Was this something you ever wanted to "fix"? So for my understanding and everyone else's you are willing to speak of sexual matters when discussed in a respectful manor, but anything related to offerers for pornography will be ignored?

Want to add to the discussion? Log in or sign up in seconds. Did you have two separate hymens as well?

Hazel jones naked pics

I like purple and green together but that isn't really a color I like learning new things. Quite honestly, this entire AMA isn't really beneficial for anyone to know any of this other than to satisfy their own curiosity. On that note, do you have a preferred vagina? It's very far from "defective," it seems bizarre that anyone could call you that. I am slightly smaller than an average woman.

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I will answer most questions. Black bra big tits. I see red if it doesn't go in the first time Yeah, she won't answer questions like "What if someone paid you X amounts to do whatever" and "Have you been fucked in both holes?

Are you guys from the UK too? Thankyou, its just respectful sex questions don't offend me and i will answer all i can. I guess it's easy considering we are number one. This i know will upset a lot of people but i have no opinion on the matter.

Provided you are under age of 18, or this content is insulting to you, or is it is illegal in your community to observe this kind of internet materials, please leave now. Its because i had 2 hymens. Do you have two clitorises? Is the self-described "Lady with 2 Vaginas" not answering questions about sex as hilarious as Woody Harrelson only discussion Rampart? I don't really have a preference any more.

Otherwise, no man would be a virgin. I don't mind answering some questions about it I'm really embarrassed to ask, but I'm awful curious. Best of luck, and well done for being brave enough to do all this publicly.

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Like next to each other or in the same labia or what's the deal? Are your vaginal openings smaller than average since it's kind of split?

The pregnancy hormones are supposed to suppress ovulation, so it's not supposed to happen. Hazel jones naked pics. First of all, welcome! And i love the term Freak: Like one that you prefer over the other. Sexy girl moaning sounds. No, we are in Canada. Generally bad parenting upsets me! If you ever want to talk to someone about it, I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind talking. I lost my virginity twice because I have TWO vaginas". Wow, thanks for the response!

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