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Stephani Moretti takes a good look at Ryan Blaze's rod.

She never was very good at drinking alcohol, and never really wanted too be. If she told her father, he would surely fire half of the WWE over it.

After getting in the ring Trish quickly grabbed a microphone and smiled widely at Stephanie. Women beach nude. I know, walk over there, bend over and grab the middle rope for me bitch. Wwe stephanie mcmahon lesbian. Diving for Trish's feet Stephanie covered them in kisses, moving back and forth, from one to the other, slobbering all over them, shamelessly worshipping Trish's feet as the precious things they were to her.

Chuck came out on Smackdown! Looking over her shoulder Stephanie saw Trish sitting on that chair with the most wicked smile she'd ever seen before, and then the horror of what the blonde wanted her to do hit Stephanie and her blood boiled, but what other choice did she have? Trish held the microphone to her face and Stephanie closed her eyes, not wanting to do it, but not wanting to lose Smackdown, starts to bark.

Once she gets up on her knees, Trish pulls out of Stephanie and flips her over to pull on her ass cheeks and look inside Stephanie's asshole. Stephanie continued staring death towards Trish for a few moments but then got up and took off Trish's shirt, but before she could take off her pants, Trish forced Stephanie onto her knees. Eric had made special arrangements so Trish would have what he had referred to as 'plenty of time to break the bitch', but the catch was they still had to leave enough time for the main event so after the PPV the viewers wouldn't be complaining, and although Trish doubted many of them would complain after the show she had given them she did understand that both she and Eric could get into a lot of trouble with the Board of Directors if this HLA segment overran.

Hard Breast Massage Stephani. Lovely awesome chick Stephanie. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: Unfortunately Stephanie was about to get her answer. Black girl ass worship. She had dreams that she was having sex with women! She won't stand a chance. He did, she paid him, and she proceeded in the direction of the club. Extreme closeups Ftv Stephani Of her private.

Trish chuckled to herself as she watched Lillian run for the safety of her anal virginity, her eyes falling onto Lillian's retreating rear as she thought about how much fun she was going to have when she got round to popping Lillian's anal cherry, before getting up and locking the door behind the interviewer.

The need to cum has become too great for someone like Stephanie. To them, the audience, the camera crew, the bright lights, everything had just melted away and all that mattered was Stephanie's ass hole and the big strap on moving in and out of it. Stephanie fought back a gasp as the head of the dildo forced its way past her anal ring, the saliva coating the cock and the previous butt fucking making the pooper penetration easier on her than before but her rectum had become fully relaxed since her previous sodomising meaning that the invasion of her back passage was still very painful.

You see Steph, a couple of weeks ago Eric came to me with this crazy idea of his, and I of course turned it down at first, but then he just kept going on about it and suddenly I realised it was the opportunity I had been waiting for, a chance to truly get back at you, a chance to humiliate you with the whole world watching, without having to worry about any repercussions like losing my job, which is now, thanks to Eric, very much secure even if he's fired, and even then whoever replaces him can not put me in any matches that I don't want to be in and has no right to take any title off me that I may have.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop Trish from sodomising her. I should warn you though, due to another part of the small print of that little contract that you obviously didn't bother to read because you were oh so sure you were going to win, you have to do everything I say, which basically means that tonight Stephanie Student Stephanie Carter fucking on the casting couch.

She'd been informed by her boss Eric Bischoff that he was unsatisfied with her work as RAW's ring announcer and until further notice she was a backstage interviewer again and her first interviewee was none other than the new WWE women's champion Trish Stratus who had a special announcement to make.

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Forcing herself to concentrate Lillian took a deep breath and knocked on Trish's locker room door, the door which had moaning sounds coming from inside it, very familiar moans, moans which had been echoing from the room when Lillian had passed it earlier and according to the camera guy had been doing so all day.

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Not unless you want to lose Smackdown. Stephanie parted her lips and welcomed Trish's tongue into her mouth, her owner's tongue bullying hers into submission with ease, conquering her mouth and ruling it with an iron fist. Nude wives outdoors. The draft was so poorly done not realistic that fans had a hard time beleiving the storyline. You will be my bitch forever. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Stephanie's obvious enthusiasm for the degrading treatment she was receiving only encouraged Trish to fuck her ass harder.

The only option she had left which might work was begging and Stephanie's pride prevented her from that, even if it would possibly save her from this unbearable pain. Wwe stephanie mcmahon lesbian. So that means for the next 24 hours I own you and your ass hole!

Images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from their respective creator s. She honestly didn't think she'd ever looked more powerful, more dominant, pounding into another woman's ass and making that woman, Stephanie McMahon no less, her bitch.

All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. Smiling wickedly Trish let go of Stephanie's hands and watched as the Billion Dollar Princess, the GM of Smackdown, and one of the most powerful people in the entire WWE Stephanie McMahon turned onto her stomach, pushed her ass up into the air, reached back and spread her butt cheeks for her.

One such example, in truth, would probably be when HHH drugged Steph and married her without consent.

Shrieking in pain Stephanie swung herself forwards and around forcibly out of Trish's grip, the dildo being pulled from her ass in the process with a loud and painful pop. Milf used panties. Smiling, Trish realised she wanted to drag this moment out, to enjoy the moment she marked Stephanie McMahon's ass hole as her property and the Billion Dollar Princess as her bitch.

Let the whole world know that you want another woman to fuck you up the ass! Trish wanted Stephanie to beg her to fuck her harder in front of the whole world, and Stephanie had absolutely no problem with it. Trish's ass was a little sweaty from her match, but the taste wasn't that unpleasant. I can tell from your pussy that you love this! Select new user avatar: Makes sense, no one can give that good a rim job without getting some sick and twisted sexual pleasure from it.

Understanding what was expected of her Stephanie reluctantly crawled over to her tormentor, reaching up and pushing Trish's thong aside before pushing her tongue back into Trish's ass hole.

If she told her brother, he would laugh at her, and tell Vince himself. Let them all know Stephanie McMahon is nothing but an anal whore who wants Trish Stratus to fuck her up her ass! Small boobed blonde Stephanie Richards sucks and fucks. It was like there was a lesbian was buried deep inside over her, and she was taking over! But some of the things they tried were just downright idiotic!

I am surprised that you held out this long.

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Shaking her ass back and forth, Trish gave Stephanie her version of the stink face. 50s nude women. When the closest view of her hip smacking against Stephanie's ass was up on the screen Trish suddenly pulled out and spread the brunette's butt cheeks, the audience getting to look directly through Stephanie's gaping ass hole and into the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar bowels. Wwe stephanie mcmahon lesbian. Let them all know Stephanie McMahon is nothing but an anal whore who wants Trish Stratus to fuck her up her ass!

You're just a slut! Trish then spent the next few minutes gaping Stephanie's ass, either spreading her bitch's butt herself or making the GM do it, and then waiting for Stephanie's back door to fully recover before going right back to pounding that poor poop pipe again. With titles dropping left and rightholding a championship began to mean a little more. Not that we here at OWW condon this bevahior but in Narch fans at College Station Pennsylvania started circulating an email challenging fans to jump the rail and strip Stephanie McMahon naked and get pictures for a reward.

Some of the audience members even went so far as to ring to report an attempted murder. What was driving Stephanie McMahon insane? With no choice, Stephanie stepped over Trish so that her ass hovered above the dildo. Milf upskirt shopping Her ass had gotten used to the anal dweller in it, and Trish was working over her tits like no one else ever had.

Vagina Gaping Closeups Stephani.

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Big ass naked fuck Thinking Trish was about to kiss her Stephanie smiled back through tear stained eyes and also leant forward.
Fake nude celeb pics Your lips feel great on my ass. Smiling, Trish realised she wanted to drag this moment out, to enjoy the moment she marked Stephanie McMahon's ass hole as her property and the Billion Dollar Princess as her bitch.
Free online lesbian porn sites Steph, feeling she was losing her meal ticket, made up a lie that she was pregnant!
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